Basque innovation with Nabari in Innobasque Exchange

Nabari, the brand of basque innovation in the fashion, was invited by Innobasque (Innobasque Exchange). As one of the most innovative enterprises for the moment. The presentation of the company was exposed to professionals and representors of enterprises which had interest on looking forward future collaborations and knowing the purposes of the rest.

Nabari is Basque innovation.

The presentation of Nabari, the interviews that were given that day on the ETB1, ETB2 and TVE1 news… the subsequent interviews and the collaboration pre-agreements with individuals and enterprises interested in Nabari, proved it is a successful combination.

Nabari en Innobasque Exchange 2015. Nabari is Basque innovation!

Itziar Gutiérrez  and Ander Aldekoa (Nabari) in Innobasque Exchange. A successful event!

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