Nabari polo shirts biotreated with the B-endorphin molecule.

One of our registered patents that has caused the highest expectation is the one consisting on the aplication in the polo shirts of a low concentration of the b-endorphin olecule, also knonw as the “molecule of happiness”.

“There is no medicine that heals what happiness can not heal.” Gabriel García Márquez

Nabari, fuit of the colaboration with the laboratorios Porquinorte S.A, treats its organic cotton textiles with the -endorphin molecule, also known as the molecule of happuness We make our patent to become posible by the micro encapsulation on the textiles of the molecule syntetized in the laboratory.

Even if our intention is to make every person owning happinness in their daily life, this is only possible if there is Will and action. We advocate for remembering that happiness is withing ourdelfs and it can be given with predisposition, love and values.

““There is only happiness where there is virtue (arethĂ©) and serious effort, because life is nor a game.” Aristotle.


Happiness exists, it is real and it is possible to make it a permanent state It is only a matter of generating and conservatizing it with a positive attitude towards life, and moral values Practicing solidarity and fraternity. By making of the effort a positive obligation, of becoming mistakes into a learning, and making our own achievements a satisfaction. We act with honesty, helping, respecting. Happiness is possible and it is on your own hands if you live life with values, by heart; towards you and the rest.

“The happiness that is lived derivers from the love that is given.” Isabel Allende​

Being happy doesn’t depend on owning, abundance, or the expensiveness, not even from the material.

Being happy depens of the inner values, and the shared ones, it depends on love, on the attitude, on the direction of our decisions, the capacity to forgive others and oneself, of the gestures…

Nabari is a sing that goes beyonf the treatment of the textiles with the molecule. Whoever who owns  a Nabari Polo shirt has to be happy because of who he or she is, for hiw way of acting, for beeing able to carry a life full of values. Without forgiving that owning a Nabari polo shirt is a pride, as long as it has been created detail by detail, one by one, free from exploitation and contaminants, full of values.

“The true happiness consists on doing what´s right.” Aristotle

Nabari is a synonym of good doing, based on the research of happiness and th personal realization, it creates the perfect polo shirt for those who appreciate life on its highest expression.

The textile treated with the microcapsules of the B-endorphin molecules is a plus that has given more relevance to the Nabari Polo Shirts. But there is no highe effect that we can reach that guaranteeing that our product is full of values. Honestity, solidarity, respect, effort, courage… without givin any chance to surrender. Doing what´s right.

“It may be that what we do doesn´t always bring us happiness, but if we don’t do anything, there won’t be happiness.” Albert Camus

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Textile treated with the B- Endorphin molecule, also known as the molecule of happiness.


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