Nabari in Slow Fashion Spain

The IV Conference on Sustainable Fashion, organized by Slow Fashion Spain (nowadays known as Slow Fashion Next), held at the Museum of Costume in Madrid, attracted a large audience interested in sustainable fashion.

Nabari is Slow Fashion

It has been based over different conferences of the creators and representors of different brands, experts over sustainable fashion and heads of environmental and fashion organizations and institutions. The event was a success.

Ander Aldekoa de Nabari en Slow Fashion Spain (Slow Fashion Next) con bloggers, periodistas y otros ponentes

Ander Aldekoa, CEO and founder of Nabari explained the origins of this brand and some of the innovations that are incorporated into the garments. Moreover, he also shared some thought and by the end of the conference he was able to speak with a great number of people interested in contacting with Nabari, bloggers, journalists and some entrepreneurs, as well as consumers.

slow fashion spain

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