The fashion that protects and informs

Nabari麓s development and its registered patent offers the public a chip, incorporated in every one of oir Polo shirts, and an APP whis is easy to use, for a greater experience.

It麓s activation and use is optional and free. Every identity is absolutely protected and safe, a totally encrypted confidentiality is guaranteed.

Nabari鈥檚 technology is already here

Standard included, free and optional activation. Costless, safe, private.

The fists garment that informs, suggests, protects.


Data of the use, suggestions on when to wash it, composition and other characteristics of the Nabari Polo Shirt.


Suggestions for complimenting it with other garments based on the forecast and expected climatology.

Identity Protection

In emergency situations, emergency services will be able to identify you and assist you more effectively.*

Easy functioning

Slide your phone over the brand logo on the left sleeve of the polo shirt. To turn it off, repeat the same operation.

Data protected

Data safety guaranteed by its treatment and protection by SSL Protocoles of high security.

Good news

Enjoy your polo shirt and stay tuned to the app. We will notify you amazing surprises.

* Protocol of actuation on development. Is one of the functions part of your patent since 2014.

And even advantages

Information for blinded people

Blinded publc can know what coloud is the polo shirt he is weating, by auditory information. It is additional to the braille labeling also incorporated.


Choose your favourite sports and the experience through the app Will addapt to you.


The application doesn麓t consume much storage memory, even on low performance mobile phones.

Free from batteries

The chip does not use any batteries, nor wires. It is fed with the mobile phone when it is next to it.


It is totally innocuous for people and it can stay on the polo shirt his whole life cycle.

Water resistant

Totally water resistant, so you can wash it without damaging it, and it can also be ironed.

Nabari crea ropa incluyente


Respecting the environment and the labor conditions. Inclusive.

With values

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Information, suggestions, recommendations, protection.


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Textile treated with the B- Endorphin molecule, also known as the molecule of happiness.


Finest Quality, confort, detail and double seams.

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